Choosing the perfect selection of songs for your reception is one thing, playing it is another...

Unlike the huge, bulky machinery that dominated the industry (and most of the ballroom) in the past, technology has compacted everything I need into a small console.

The system I use is computer based and was specifically designed for me by proDJpc. It's as powerful as it is sleek, compact and low profile. One of it's biggest benefits is it's enormous music library. It's catalog contains over 31,000 songs - and that library is growing steadily!!

The software that I use to play music is PCDJ Red VRM. One of the benefits of using this system, I'm able to create your playlist in advance. That way, when it's time for me to play, all of your favorite songs will be ready and waiting. The system also allows me to make changes to our designed program "on the fly" to allow for requests.

My speakers are JBL EON15 G2 supported by Frankenstands; My mixer is a Rolls RM74 MixMate II; My microphones are: (1) wired SHURE PG58 and a PG88 Duel Channel receiver with (1) wireless handheld PG58 and (1) wireless PG30TQG headset.

What these components all add up to is a system that delivers quality, sound performance and reliability.


"Thanks again for such a great night of music and dancing!"

Backup System

There's a lot of talk in the Mobile DJ world regarding backup system strategies and their respective pro's and con's. Rather than trying to negative sell how others handle a problem I just rather tell you what I do and why.

First, in 25+ years I have never had an equipment failure but that's no excuse for not having a backup plan that can be deployed in seconds or minutes.

My console can be reconfigured a number of different ways that allow me to plug in external music sources. I carry two iPODs with me at all times. I carry (1) 60GB and (1) 80GB iPOD which contain the critical mass of my music library. When I set up for an event I also plug in one iPOD so in the event of problem I can immediately switch over to the iPod while connecting the second one. Once two iPODs are connected I can mix between the two.

Both my speakers are active which means that each one has an amplifier built in. This means that if one speaker goes out the other speaker will continue to play uninterrupted.

If necessary, my iPODs can be plugged directly into my speakers eliminating the need of my console altogether.

On a final note, my system is computer based and it's sole purpose is to play music. The only software installed is the operating system (XP Pro SP2) and those programs necessary to run the music. It's never connected to the internet thereby eliminating the possibility of virus. My components all have a heavy duty track record of reliability.


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