What do you need on site for set up?

1. A banquet table at least 6 feet in length and preferably skirted.
2. The table should be within 25 feet of a standard electrical outlet.

Do you take breaks?

No! MaxtorMusic offers continuous music throughout the event--only stopping as necessitated by the event schedule.

What kind of music do you play during the cocktail and dinner hour at wedding receptions?

Light volume background music that spans the decades. This is the perfect time to play great songs that may not be the best for dancing but will please a broad range of ages and musical preferences. Of course if you're looking to "set the mood" with a particular style of music or perhaps a soundtrack, that can be done as well.

We have older guests who always complain they can't hold a conversation because the music is too loud--can you easily control the volume?

Yes! A best practice is to start an event at a low volume level and gradually ease into a "danceable" level as the party progresses.

Do you eat during the party?

Remembering the DJ when it comes to food service is always appreciated, but certainly not necessary. In most situations, when all the guests have been served, there is usually an opportunity to sneak a plate behind the table for discrete consumption.

"We received so many compliments on the music at our reception. Thank you for being so flexible with our ever changing schedule."

DJ Party Tips

Put the bar and the DJ in the same vicinity--this keeps your guests near the action!

Allow your guests access to the DJ to easily make requests. A stage may seem to be the best place for a DJ, but often times guests are afraid to make the trip up to get in a request.

Keep announcements and giveaway breaks short and concise--get back to the dancing as quickly as possible!

"Always leave them wanting more." It's best to end a party on an upbeat note instead of letting it drag on for an additional hour with just a few die-hards in attendance



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